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[Author’s Note: Throughout this column I use the terms “Heathen” and “Asatru/ar” interchangeably for those people who follow a modern version of the Viking Age religions. The hate mail Hilmar Örn has received specifically threatens that these Heathens will attend the temple’s opening ceremony, “to ‘correct’ what those groups see as the incorrect tolerance of Icelanders.”As soon as word of this got out, the international heathen community responded in outrage, shock, anger, and disappointment.Not everyone who follows a Norse path consider themselves to be Heathens.], a new biweekly column here at the Agora in which I get to wax poetic about all of the reasons that I love Heathenry and am Happily Heathen. Esteban Sevilla, leader of the Irminsul Kindred in Costa Rica, responded with an open letter to Hilmar Örn and his group called “We Stand With You Iceland” and started the hashtag #We Stand With Iceland. As a long-time Heathen, I wish that the second thing out of my mouth after I introduce myself as a Heathen to someone new does not have to be “…but I’m not a racist!If you check those who have signed the event, many of those who signed are signing on behalf of a family, kindred, or organization; and those who signed come from all corners of the world. This group has a long history of tolerance and acceptance towards people, both Heathen and non-Heathen, and have always accepted people from any background to be Asatru. Hate mail, from other Heathens, aimed at a group that not only got Heathenry accepted as an official religion in Iceland, but is where Heathens from all over the world can come worship. Icelandic Heathens, like Heathens all over Scandinavia, are very liberal and perform same-sex marriages. He stated in the interview that ever since word got out that his organization was building the first official Heathen temple (hof) in Iceland, his group has started to receive hate mail from conservative Asatruar.

There are many names for the kind of people I call "Asatru": Norse Pagan, Heathen, Odinist, the Troth, Theodish Belief, even "the religion of the Vikings." Some of us insist on one term and reject the others.The community bases its ideology on the Visigothic, Suevian and Vandalian Germanic heritage of modern Spain, Portugal and Occitania, dating to the 6th century.It was legally recognised as a religious institution by the Spanish government in 2007, and performed the first legal pagan wedding in mainland Spain since the Visigothic era, in Barcelona on 23 December 2007.In Albacete in 2009, COE completed the first temple to Odin believed to have been built in over 1,000 years.A less Odin-focused group split off in 2012 as the Ásatrú Lore Vanatrú Assembly (ALVA).

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