Carbon dating fake

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Carbon dating fake

"This disfigured face resembles all those faces of men and women marred by a life which does not respect their dignity, by war and violence which afflict the weakest … "We carried out three alternative dating tests on the shroud, two chemical and one mechanical, and they all gave the same result and they all traced back to the date of Jesus, with a possible margin of error of 250 years," Fanti told CNN.And yet, at the same time, the face in the shroud conveys a great peace; this tortured body expresses a sovereign majesty," he added. The 14-foot long piece of cloth, which shows the imprints of a man with long hair and a bearded face, as well as markings indicating nailed feet and hands, has caused a lot of talk in both the scientific and Christian communities.

The most comprehensive are I think, The Quest for the True Cross, written by the late Carsten Peter Thiede and Matthew D’Ancona Some summary of their conclusions is also provided in Grzegorz Górny’s Witnesses to Mystery, pg. Curiously, Górny seems to be unaware of 2002 carbondating, as Hesemann’s and Thiede’s works he probably used pre-date it.

I think most of this stems from contaminated samples.

For example if one were carbon dating the shroud of turin and were to take samples from the shroud would one be getting samples from around the time the shroud was made, from the time it was scorched by fire, from samples found on the shroud of people who touched it with grimy hands.

The 1 hour episode was called "Quest for the True Cross" and featured German author/historian Michael Hesemann [pictured]. Robert Wilcox was interviewed for that portion and expressed doubts about the reliability of the C-14 results in that case.

(Hesemann gave one to two presentations at the 2001 Dallas Shroud conference.) While historical documents, certain archaeological data and comparative paleography indicate that the titulus crucis from the Santa Croce in Rome is authentic, the C-14 dating performed in 2002 did not agree. (Bob, you should have alerted us you were going to be on.) But they let a C-14 scientist give the old line that C-14 is practically infallible.

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Pope Francis has made comments on the Shroud of Turin, the much-discussed and analyzed burial cloth that some believe shows the face of Jesus Christ, saying that it "speaks to the heart," though he stopped short of declaring the piece an official relic.

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