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Prue discovers someone trapped within a painting at the auction house and unwittingly repeats the spell hidden under the picture which casts her into another dimension with a man named Malcolm, who's been stuck there for 70 years.Meanwhile, Piper asks their new neighbor for help renovating her new nightclub, and Phoebe secretly casts a Smart spell to help her compete for a new job.I wonder how many people Nelson had to blow to get his coveted slot as the narrator. They are already improperly dressed but this is about to become strip golf. Catherine’s parents come over so that she can tell them that she has decided to be an event planner. They were allowed to film out in the yard though, where production can pee in the marsh. Hannah and Louis These to seem somewhat civilized when they are on a date together and not reciting their family tree.“This is kind of a sobering experience,” one of the drunk girls manages to utter as one of the ladies from ladies night discovers that her child and husband nearly died in a fire. But hey, let’s back up six hours so Ashley can chat with us about her sex life without it seeming weird. Her mother won’t be coming to the wedding because she doesn’t approve of her marrying a Muslim. I cannot imagine how much they had to pay to get this course shut down to play a round while not appropriately dressed. Surely they are just making them do this for the first episode or two and we will not have to keep hearing about Louis’ yankee daddy. Hannah is not very excited to hear about strip golf.Phoebe has her own guy troubles; she's getting impatient with how it seems Cole is only flirting with her.Piper calls Prue, who is on the other side of town.She and Dennis got married because she was knocked up. Because there is not way this would be allowed when the course was open. Hannah really needs Louis to try to be an adult a bit more.The marriage lasted a couple of years and they divorced. Later, at Not So Happy’s bridal shower things are going to get heated between Hannah and Ashley. Lysa, who is Happy’s mother is there name dropping Depak Chopra who personally told her that Azam is Happy’s soulmate.

Prue heads up to the attic, and finds the door unlocked.Whatever should not come out of her mouth, does - but we can't help but be charmed by the dorky glasses and butt-loving (and neither can *some* of her conquests). Up your flirting skills by looking to your favourite animated friends for inspiration and watch the charm bomb explode.Tragedy occurs after Kenric Fairfax's knighting ceremony, causing him to swear he will never marry.Prue wants to tell them what she found out about the village in colonial Virginia where Melinda Warren was born, but Piper is more interested in whether she'll make it to P3 with Sean.Prue, however, wants to do some more digging at home, and tells Piper to tell Sean that she's hung up at work. Prue goes to the manor and finds the front door open and every mirror broken.

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