Counter strike source keeps validating

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Counter strike source keeps validating

The same thing happened when I installed Counter Strike GO. (see Picture) There is NO option to add items to trusted items in Mc Afee. There was NO problem what so ever when I installed both these games in my friend's PC(with AVG Antivirus) and my laptop (with Quick Heal Antivirus) When I Clicked Send to Mc Afee option(in pic), This error occured Now to play these games , I have to set the Real Time scanning to OFF and then restore both these files. If there is no way to exclude a directory or file then your only choice is to report the problem to Mcafee and wait for an update to be released.

But I don't want to compromise on my system security by switching off Real Time scanning. Mcafee is one of the worst AV products around, Norton used to fit that description, they hae address many of the problems.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a first-person shooter by Valve.

You can change the by double clicking the ID you would like to unban.

This requires having a Steam account and owning CS: GO.

To run the Steam Source Dedicated Server you will first need to install Steam.

If you play the game and aren’t in the beta this should still be of interest as these are the features that will be rolled out to everyone for free very soon.

Here’s the list of new features and updates in this beta release: Valve isn’t working on the beta alone, and has called in Hidden Path Studios to help with development.

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  1. It keeps defaulting as 'unknown network' or 'public network' after each restart. I'm also unable to get to these PC by either entering their IP or full address \machinename\sharedrive. I just bought a DELL laptop and it has a wireless card. Thanks i cant seem to see the network icon on the notification taskbar n i can't click the checkbox asking whether we want to always show the icon, same goes for the volume icon. Going down through all these convoluted steps to get to the status window (which should be directly accessible in the tray in place of the tons of useless ones) is a major usability rollback (among many others in Vista to all who have used this OS for any length of time have undoubtedly found out).