Iconoclast radio interviews quinn interacial dating n more

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Iconoclast radio interviews quinn interacial dating n more

For this final day of Black History Month 2012, I’ll post links to some You Tube videos that I was watching a couple of days ago. Buckley, Jr.’s contribution to his 1965 debate with James Baldwin about racism and the American dream. If you’d like to listen to Baldwin and the other contributors to the debate, they’re also on You Tube.Buckley is not exactly easy for me to follow, due to his intellectual verbiage, but what I got out of his presentation was the following four points: 1. The primary goal of our free dating services is to create a community of people not only searching for dating and romance, but also to make friends, find online buddies, penpals or just a chit-chat with other folks online.The entire site is currently available in English and Spanish, including all singles profiles. Not only there is no joining fee, but the further use of this site is absolutely free as well.Buckley argues that African-Americans are holding themselves back.

Buckley states that America is a mobile society, and that the solution should be to provide opportunities, not to resort to the iconoclasm against America that Baldwin practices. Buckley states that the plight of African-Americans should be addressed with concern, and that it has been in America.

The proposition was that “The American dream is at the expense of the Negro”, and Baldwin was arguing in favor of this, whereas Buckley and another speaker were arguing the opposite.

My greatest problem with Buckley’s argument was that he under-estimated the reality of racial discrimination.

Under the weather today but for your pop culture amusement--courtesy of the ever diligent Lisa M-- here's a cool egotistical, over-the-top and even politically incorrect ad for an early biography of General Douglas Mac Arthur!

Perhaps the funniest part is that this was from the back cover of a BLONDIE comic book..1941!

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