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Mongolians and dating

Then when she started working as a careers adviser in Scotland, she heard children throwing around the word as an insult in the classroom and playground.“I tried to find out why they were saying this, but my colleagues avoided explaining it to me,” she says.It was when she was reading up on Down’s syndrome after Billy’s diagnosis that Ramsay came across the link again. Wrestling is the most important of the Mongolian culture's historic "Three Manly Skills", that also include horsemanship and archery.

Olmec Head dated circa 1,600 BC[size=15pt]We know they were the builders of ancient American pyramids.The history of Mongolian life dates back millions of years.Some of the most important discoveries of dinosaur artifacts have been made in modern-day Mongolia.Dozens of their enormous Olmec Heads have been found throughout Central and South America. [/size]The African looking Olmec heads have dumfounded historians for centuries.There were many speculations as to why they have African features, but no one could agree on a theory, and African American scholars like Dr.

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In a bid to comfort her, the Mongolian-born Ramsay was told that perhaps the Down’s syndrome would not be that noticeable to Billy’s appearance because of her ethnicity.“It annoyed me,” says Ramsay, 37. Even though I knew they meant to be helpful.” It was yet another in a long line of associations made by strangers between Ramsay’s native people, the Mongols, and a slang term for someone with a disability. In a search for answers, Ramsay has made a documentary, which airs this evening on BBC Radio 4. Ramsay points out that mongol is a derogatory word in more than 20 countries across every continent.