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We assess all children to see if they might benefit from sedation.

Your appointment letter will state whether your child is having sedation so you can follow the instructions below to prepare them.

Watch our short video about having an MRI scan or listen to our audio podcast.

Because gastric stasis can occur with motion sickness, parenteral delivery may be advantageous.

Caffeine Food and drinks with caffeine – for example, cola drinks, chocolate, coffee, tea and high-energy drinks – can make it hard for children to fall asleep at night.

Avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and evening will help your child to fall asleep more easily.

Here is a detailed overview of how Benadryl’s primary ingredient works, and what precautions you need to take while administering it.[ Read: Allergic Rhinitis In Children – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment ]The body produces histamine as a part of its defense mechanism, which is stored in mast cells and in almost all the tissues in the body (4).

When an allergen or any foreign substance, such as a flower pollen invades the body, it stimulates the allergen and release the histamine stores. In case your child has hay fever, the histamine leads to inflammation of eyes, nose or airways.

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