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Yes, it sounds harsh and insensitive but this is considered one of the qualities of our generation, one that distinguishes us from previous generations and that will continue to set us apart even now that younger generations start taking their place in society.Going back to the expressions in the title, if you have no clue what they mean then I can give you a simple and brief explanation.

Whether it is on issues such as religious freedom or abortion, the Dutch keep an open mind and respect all points of view.

The word “bae” is an abbreviation of “before anyone else” and it refers to a special someone, such as girlfriend or boyfriend.

And “Netflix & chill” is a term you might use when you are having a movie date night with your special someone (bae).

It’s natural that an app like Tinder would be “the weapon of choice” in the hunt for love or at least a Friday night hook-up.

While this article is written for guys to find their way around for a Tinder date, girls can also get something out of it. So there you have it, Tinder is awesome, and everyone is on it!

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This reaches a peak at orgasm, when the female brain's emotion centers are effectively closed down to produce an almost trance-like state.