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Posted by / 28-Mar-2016 07:59

Here’s our top 10 tips for building easy-to-update, content-rich websites.

If your web designer suggests building a static site, run the other way!

For example, a static website for a local hardware store would most likely perform better in search results if it were to maintain a blog that features information about the products it carries, home-improvement tips and other timely searched-for topics.

Your website is a critical tool for communicating what you do and is an effective and inexpensive way to announce events, promote your initiatives, and share information.

University Communications and Marketing offers tips and resources to help you plan your project, formulate your content, consider design and layout options, and more.

We direct you to classes, support services, and other web resources at Rutgers.

We also tell you how you can hire staff or student web developers at Rutgers or work with University Purchasing to hire professional web development service providers.

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Your website will be created using one of many available development platforms and will reside on a specific server. Information architecture is the process of planning the content and flow of your website. Web readers have little time to spend on your site.