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The NASCAR media is, on the whole, a sharp group of people who are skilled at breaking news, writing commentaries and covering every aspect of the sport.And as many in the industry know, the racing beat corps isn't afraid of writing the truth – even if it may be harsh at times.Most recently, he portrayed the Orthodox Jewish rap artist, Sholom Glickstein, in the Paul Weitz film, "American Dreamz".

They have several dates, on one of which he witnesses a vampire being dusted by Buffy for the first time, and is unsurprised upon learning vampires exist and merely remarks that "it explains a lot".After first appearing in the episode "Inca Mummy Girl", Oz discovers he is a werewolf in the episode "Phases" and becomes a recurring character throughout the second season.Green is elevated to main cast for the third season, and departs from the series in season four.All of a sudden, dozens of ever-observant NASCAR fans – many of whom are just as interested in the drivers' off-track lives as they are in their on-track pursuits – lit up Twitter and Facebook. The truth is, those in the NASCAR garage – including all of the media – have known for months that Kurt Busch was no longer with his wife. In other sports, such a public figure's divorce would be treated as a news story. And I may have never addressed the topic had Busch not been so public with his new flame by bringing her onto pit road, where the whole NASCAR world – along with the TV cameras – can see what's happening. Despite that very public image, the media didn't report on the breakup until years later. After all, I've known about Busch's marital problems, too – and didn't ask him about it nor write about it until now.

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Green portrays the character for a final time in the season four finale "Restless" as part of a dream sequence.

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